Dhat problem treatment

Ayurvedic treatment for Dhat Syndrome

Metallurgy or Dhat syndrome is a men-related physical illness. In this disease, the male’s Semen comes out with piss or stools. Male’s Semen is produced by the proteins present in our body, therefore due to its auto leakage our body and sex life are quite damaged. Its constant leakage tend us to deal with the problems of weakness, lack of desire to intercourse, weakness of the entire body system, lack of stress in the penis etc.

If you are suffering from this disease and you do not have Ayurvedic treatment on right time, then this disease can give you the terrible consequences of completely eliminating the will of your desire to sex. The person suffering from this disease runs away from the gilrs.

The main causes of Dhat syndrome/Metabolic illness

  1. Slender Semen : – Many times, men are not able to handle it, because of thin or slender semen is quite thin. At the time of sexual intercourse, when the penis comes in tension semen leak out itself, it is in the intervals of 1 to 2 minutes, and if the patient does not get treatment then it starts with urination and stool.
  2. Weak muscles of penis: – Due to too much masturbation, any injury or any other illness there is weakness in the muscles of the penis and the penis of male becomes so weak that it does not know how to handle the semen.

Treatment of Dhat

In Aarogya Vigyan, we use the world’s finest herbs. Those who work in two types and benefit the patient.

  1. Make the male’s semen thick.
  2. Penis muscles are strengthened.

Our Ayurvedic treatment is 100% pure and natural. The herbs that we use give you the natural ingredients and substances, which, along with improving your sexual system, makes your whole body healthier and healthier. We choose herbs according to your disease.

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