Low Sperms Count

Ayurvedic treatment for Low sprem count

The lack of sperm in semen has caused many problems for young people. This disease appears to be common in hearing, but its results are quite serious. Some people get mentally depressed due to lack sperm in semen, and some people may not able to have child due to less Sperm. Impotence in men starts growing due to the absence of sperm production or the quality of the semen. When there is a shortage of sperm in semen, the chance of approaching of sperm to egg of the woman decreases and hence the person suffering from this disease can not get child happiness. Generally, you have more than 2 million sperm in 1 ml of semen. In the same way, less than 15 lakh sperm are available in the semen of the persons than that person suffers from low sperm count.

Main reasons for low sperm count:-

There may be many reasons behind the problem of sperm shortage or neural sperm. Some of the main reasons in all these are as follows:-

  1. Lack of hormones rooted in your body or their imbalance
  2. Your semen is infected
  3. Infections in your prostate
  4. Increased blood vessels present in the testicles
  5. Damage to your penis due to any injury
  6. Using alcohol, smoking, tobacco or any other type of drug
  7. Using steroids
  8. obesity
  9. Due to mental stress
  10. Due to the harmful effects of radiation
  11. Too much masturbation, etc.

In addition to these above mentioned reasons, your laptop in your lap and mobile kept in your pockets are also responsible for sex problems. Here we treat all your sex related problems by using fully natural and pure Ayurvedic herbs and medicines. If you are suffering from any type of illness, you can get free consultation from our specialist. Our doctor is well-known for all the famous sex problems in Punjab.